Logged on to my old account and found a strange ask. Not sure how to handle it.

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*has genuine feelings for you but in a really punk rock way*

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Alright I think that’s enough from me goodnight

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I’d rather listen to and help you through your problems

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I forget that many of my followers know me irl so when I make an angsty post or such and then get a text or whatever from someone about it I get flustered and upset because I’m used to using tumblr as a kind of journal that no one really sees - or comments on. Like I know you’re all there and you guys read some of this crap and it’s kind of nice to know but I prefer it if people I know irl pretend to ignore it

There are a few exceptions but like, the majority I feel real awkward about

I already hardly say much about my more personal stuff going on because I don’t want my irl friends to know about everything but I can’t even post a vague angsty thing without at least two of my irl friends saying something to me about it nowadays and I just want to forget that you guys are even reading it

I don’t know.

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yeah I know the character is “supposed to be” pretentious but literally every line of that novel is pretentious yet it’s somehow trying to speak out against pretense………. like what’s the difference it’s all the same shit

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that thin ass chocolate bowl would never be able to withstand the pressure of my spoon trying to slice ice cream

you gotta layer it up, son, make it a a thick ass chocolate bowl and it will survive, you aint getting anywhere in life cutting corners and being stingy with your chocolate

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"mr. president why is ur hand on the launch nukes button"
“it’s a metaphor”

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Anonymous said: that's half of the problem w/ john green's crap is that he writes under the pretense of "criticizing the MPDG and white boy pretentiousness", but like you can't effectively criticize those things when doing it THROUGH the viewpoint of the thing you're trying to criticize because most people won't get it. and idk maybe he's being genuine, but i think "i'm deconstructing it!!" is just a weak excuse he knows will placate some people so he can continue to get away with writing YA garbage at his age.


to me it’s just unbelievable to think that he thinks he’s emulating wallace and franzen (and it’s alarming that he even wants to write like franzen because that guy is a bag of dicks) and like I thought it was pretty much a universal writer thing to think that your work never stacks up to your favorites’ work (which isn’t always or even true) yet green thinks he’s like… the postmodernist of YA like is he delusional

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I mean I just feel uncomfortable and mildly annoyed when friends care enough to be worried about me. I don’t care if you’re just interested in my highs and lows but when I start getting the “are you okay?” texts I just want to change the subject

I will fix myself please stop caring about me

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Yeah I’d love to feel like someone is stabbing me in the chest repeatedly right now it sounds like a great idea

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shall i compare thee to a summer’s day?

hot as balls

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